Project Areas

B4 System Biology of Product Formation by Aspergillus niger


The aim of the SFB 578 (“Sonderforschungsbereich” “collaborative research centre”) is to investigate the production of high value-added products such as proteins including antibodies with recombinant cells of the filamentous fungus Aspergillus niger. In order to reach this goal it is of particular importance to know the interactions between the product formation, growth conditions and morphology of the fungus. Many parameters like carbons source, temperature, oxygen partial pressure and pH-value reveal a direct influence on the growth of Aspergillus niger and consequently on the product yield. To obtain an optimization of the production process it is necessary to gain a better understanding of the molecular and cell biology of the microorganism and of the interactions between growth conditions, cell morphology and productiveness.

In the project B4 the investigations will be carried out with an approach in systems biology taking into account the transcription, the translation, and the metabolic activity in order to determine the crucial factors, which affect the production of proteins with Aspergillus niger. The data obtained from the transcriptome and proteome analysis, together with the information derived from the 13C-labelling experiments, will complement the study about the systems biology of Aspergillus niger. The products originated from the labelled precursors will be followed through the metabolic pathways by means of the mass spectrometry. Furthermore, it will be possible via bioinformatics to customize the gene-expression data and the metabolic studies in a theoretical model in which the limiting steps could be recognized and strategies for the enhancement of the productivity could be suggested.

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