Project Areas

C2 Modelling of chromatographic processes

(in Magdeburg, Seidel-Morgenstern)

Chromatographic techniques are increasingly applied in the field of isolation and purification of value-added products in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. An important advantage of liquid chromatography is the efficient separation of complex mixtures at ambient temperature.

In the 1st Period of the subproject C2, a quantitative analysis of chromatographic separation in fixed-beds for relevant model systems have been executed. The main focus was thereby a) the quantitative consideration of frequently necessary solvent gradients, b) testing of different methods for experimental determination of distribution equlibria as well c) the modelling, development and testing of continuously under-gradient-working-conditions “Simulated Moving Bed” (SMB) process.

In the 2nd period, the developed tools and methods have to be made usable for different tasks of separation lining up in the SFB. First the continuous separation of monomeric and dimeric BMP-2 by SMB chromatography using salt gradients has to be realized. Afterwards the purification of recombinant antibodies has to be studied systematically. The separation of commercially available human Immunoglobulin G has to be optimized. Then, the antibodies produced in subproject A6 (Dübel) have to be won efficiently by preparative chromatography. In parallel the chromatographic separation of glycosyltransferases and oligosaccharides from subprojects A3 (Bucholz/Hofer) and C3 (/Bohnet/Bucholz/Jördening) have to be studied. Based on the obtained experimental results the theoretical concepts are to be evaluated and developed further.

The project will include the following steps:

  • Specification of suitable chromatographic systems (mobile phase, solid phase) for the separation problems (together with other project partners of SFB 578)
  • Systematical measurement of distribution equilibria using frontal analysis


Dipl.–Ing. Ludmila Gueorguieva, Tel.: +49–(0)391–67–11685
ludmila [dot] gueorguieva [at] ovgu [dot] de

M.Sc. Carlos Martínez Cristancho, Tel: +49 (0)391 6110-441
cristancho [at] mpi-magdeburg [dot] mpg [dot] de

Prof. Dr.–Ing. Andreas Seidel–Morgenstern, Tel.: +49–(0)391–67–18643 anseidel [at] vst [dot] uni-magdeburg [dot] de

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